Learning from Home: Week 7 Activities

Mar 3, 2021Home Learning


Making Pita Bread Pizzas

Exploring the Parachute

Little Rabbit Foo Foo – Story

All Around the Kitchen – Song and Dance


This will be our last home learning post. We are so looking forward to seeing you all next week and can’t wait to get back to some kind of normality!

As we have just missed ‘World Book Day’ we are asking you to bring in and share your favourite book any day next week. Please hand it to your child’s key person at the beginning of the day for safe keeping.

The videos have proved very popular and we are hoping to continue posting them. However, we will need permission from the majority of you as it will be pretty well impossible to edit children out! We will hand out permission slips over the next few weeks.

Here are this week’s activities.

‘There’s a Shark in the Park’ hunt

Following on from last week’s story we have gone on our own shark hunt.

Key learning –

  • Recalling and sequencing the story
  • Having fun with rhyme
  • Scissor control
  • Exploring and noticing shape (silhouettes)
  • Exploring direction (up, down, left right)
  • Imagination and story-telling skills

You will need –

  • Video of story from last week
  • Scissors – one pair each
  • Black paper and/or toy shark
  • Kitchen/toilet roll tubes (to be used as telescopes)

Watch the video together or if you have it read the book. Talk about the shape of the shark’s fin and draw several on paper, then cut them out (you can do this together). On your own go outside (or around the house) and hide the fins in different places.

Then with your child, using the rolls as telescopes, re-tell the story to hunt for the shark fins. See if your child can remember key phrases from the story and take turns to tell and act out the story – pointing the telescope in the right direction when calling out. When they spot a shark fin shout out ‘THERE’S A SHARK IN THE PARK’.

You can extend by changing the story, adding the other parts of the fin eg. Crow, cat, quiff! Use a toy shark if you have one. Get your child to hide the fins from you.


Key learning –

  • Looking at similarities and differences
  • Creating patterns
  • Exploring shape

You will need –

  • Small dishes of paint (probably no more than 3 colours)
  • Variety of objects to print with eg. Lego, small play bricks, toys with wheels – cars/trains, cotton reels etc.
  • Large paper

Always a popular activity, there’s loads of fun maths here. Have a sheet of paper each so you can ‘model’ your own ideas eg. ‘I’m printing 1 red rectangle then 1 blue rectangle underneath’. Comment on any patterns your child makes. Extend by using a car/train to make tracks on the paper.

Get your child to help wash up their toys afterwards. This will help them to look after them and appreciate their value. We try not to print with vegetables or fruit as these are precious commodities and should be reserved for eating!


In Willow we have been making pita bread pizzas. These are so easy to make and just need to be popped under the grill for a minute or two to cook. Use tomato paste and grated cheese and with supervision your child can cut their favourite vegetables to add – tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms etc.

Here are some more cooking ideas –



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