Learning Diaries

The purpose of the learning diary is to follow individual children’s learning journeys.  

Young children learn most effectively through play and ‘doing’ and the learning diary makes that learning visible, through photos and written contributions from parents, their child and practitioners.

 We believe that in order for children to learn they need to:

  • feel safe and secure
  • have a positive self-identify with high self-esteem
  • be able to build relationships with people
  • use language to communicate their thinking to others
  • be interested and initiate their own ideas
  • know they can try things out, take risks and know that making mistakes is ok
  • persevere, solve problems and be proud of their achievements
  • be able to listen, ask questions and make connections
  • be inquisitive explorers and investigators, researching and making sense of their world
  • know their ideas will be heard and respected

 In order for these things to happen, we will:

  • be interested and listen to the ideas, thoughts and feelings of your child
  • give space and time for your child to follow through an interest or fascination in depth
  • plan experiences that will extend and challenge your child’s thinking and learning
  • support them in solving problems for themselves, in order for them to be responsible, empowered people
  • be learners ourselves who don’t know all the answers but are always finding out new things
  • learn alongside your child as equal partners