Our Team

Filton Avenue Nursery School is one of 12 Maintained Nursery schools in Bristol and one of 381 in England.

Maintained nursery schools are long established and have a statutory duty to provide teachers in all nursery classes as well as a Special Educational Needs teacher and Disability co-ordinator and Headteacher. We lead the early years sector through continued professional development and in joint professional development through projects and/or research.

The nursery schools provide a wealth of provocation, interest and resources across the entire sector. We have a commitment to share best practice and drive the narrative of early years education locally, nationally and internationally. We are building a diverse team of staff who have a wide range of experience, expertise and qualifications, and who are passionate about working to improve the lives of children and families.

Everyone on our team is important and contributes to the smooth running and success of our centre. We are committed to developing the employment and training of local people. We are proud that our staff team reflects the diversity of our local community. We invest in our team by providing high-quality and continuing professional development opportunities.

To achieve this, we close our centre for whole team staff training days throughout the year.

Staff List 

Sarah Woodfield – Headteacher (available Monday to Wednesday) and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Johnny Swingler – Acting Headteacher – Teaching, Learning and Assessment/Class Teacher (Available Thursday and Friday) and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Elizabeth Williams – Assistant Headteacher – SENco/Class Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Willow Room (3-4)

  • Johnny – Teacher
  • Liz – Teacher
  • Kim – EY Practitioner
  • Sadia – EY Support Worker
  • Lisa – EY Practitioner
  • Kacey – EY Support Worker

Beech Room (3-4)

  • Dave – Teacher
  • Gavin – Team Leader
  • Rachel – EY Practitioner
  • Rahma – EY Support Worker
  • Deeqa – EY Support Worker

Acorns Room (2-3)

  • Kirsty – Team Leader
  • Sarah – EY Practitioner
  • Amber – EY Practitioner
  • Dawn – EY Practitioner
  • Vanessa – EY Practitioner
  • Adrienn – EY Support Worker

North Network Support Staff

  • Rosie – Lead Teacher
  • Terri – Lead Teacher

Administrative Staff

  • Chloe – Bursar
  • Rima – Finance Administrator
  • Ali – Admin Officer
  • Shruthi – Admin Officer

Support Staff

  • Barry – Caretaker
  • Pam – Cleaning Team
  • Lorraine – SMSA Technician
  • Adrienn – SMSA Technician/After School Club Supervisor
  • Mina – SMSA Technician/EY Support Worker
  • Katie – SMSA Technician/EY Support Worker
  • Faduma – SMSA Technician/EY Support Worker