The Team

We are building a diverse team of staff who have a wide range of experience, expertise and qualifications, and who are passionate about working to improve the lives of children and families.

Everyone in our team is important and contributes to the smooth running and success of our centre. We have a commitment to developing the employment and training of local people. We are proud that our staff team reflects the diversity of our local community. We invest in our team by providing high quality and continuing professional development opportunities.

To achieve this, we close our centre throughout the year for whole team staff training days.

Staff List 

Sarah Woodfield – Headteacher (available Monday to Wednesday)

Johnny Swingler – Acting Headteacher – Teaching, Learning and Assessment/Class Teacher (Available Thursday and Friday)

Elizabeth Williams – Assistant Headteacher – SENco/Class Teacher

Willow Room (3-4)

Johnny Swingler – Teacher

Liz Williams – Teacher

Kim Lyons – EY Practitioner

Lynne Coombs – EY Practitioner

Sadia Suhail – EY Support Worker

Kacey Jeffreys – EY Support Worker (Monday-Thursday PM)

Beech Room (3-4)

Dave Kirby – Teacher

Gavin Trump – Team Leader

Rachel Jefferies – EY Practitioner

Rahma Ali – EY Support Worker

Deeqa Abdillahi – EY Support Worker (AM)

Kacey Jeffreys – EY Support Worker (Friday)

Acorns Room (2-3)

Kirsty Nicholls – Team Leader

Sarah Masters – EY Practitioner

Caitlin Alder – EY Practitioner

Lisa Jeffreys – EY Practitioner

Amber Cole – EY Practitioner

Dawn Baxter – EY Support Worker

Adrienn Griffaton – EY Support Worker

North Network Support Staff

Jane Smith – Lead Teacher

Administrative Staff

Chloe Homer – Bursar

Rima Atlam – Finance Administrator

Ali Abbey – Admin Officer

Shruthi Kulkarni – Admin Officer

Support Staff

Carole Whale – SMSA Technician

Deeqa Abdillahi – SMSA Technician

Kacey Jeffreys – SMSA Technician

Pam Gilbert – Cleaner

Hassan Waberi – Cleaner

Barry York – Caretaker

Adrienn Griffaton – SMSA Technician/After School Club Supervisor

Lorraine May – SMSA Technician