Key Person

Your Key Person is your special person who will be there for you and your child every day. They are there to support your child’s learning and development, for you to share achievements and concerns, for someone to talk to confidentially and signpost you to any family support sessions.

Every child deserves to be special to someone and the Key person Approach recognizes this.

The Key Person Approach is one of the vital principals in the Early Years Foundation Stage and now a statutory requirement of the framework. It is a reciprocal relationship between a member of staff, individual child and their family. It provides the child with a sense of security so that they feel confident to explore their world and form further relationships.

The Key person has an ‘invisible elastic thread’ of attachment to their key child, holding them in mind throughout their time at nursery. It does not mean that they ‘shadow’ or cling to the child or that they have to manage on their own.