Exciting news! Read all about it!

Book week at Filton Avenue Nursery School and Children’s Centre is coming next week, the week of 2nd March 2020!

We are joining in this exciting week with activities all about books and reading. Here at the Nursery we love books, with all kinds of stories and characters.

All week long we will be enjoying all kinds of activities to do with books and we would love you to bring in your favourite book to share – children and adults alike!

Of course, you can dress up as your favourite character but we would rather you bring in books to share and enjoy.

World book day is Thursday 5th March so we will be joining in a whole world celebration of reading and hearing stories!

Parents/carers – if you have a favourite story, can read in a different language, or share a different version of a familiar tale we would love to hear from you.

We look forward to sharing as many books as we can with your children during Book Week, next week at Filton Avenue Nursery School and Children’s Centre!