Learning from Home: Week 2 Activities

Jan 20, 2021Home Learning

This week’s activities include junk modelling, looking at shape and patterns, and playing ‘I Spy’. We have also been doing these activities at nursery. Don’t forget to check our videos as well – we have a Circle Time singing video with Kim, as well as a science experiment from Dave!


Singing Circle Time – Kim sings some favourite songs at Circle Time.

Melting Ice – Dave and Johnny have been doing a science experiment for Circle Time!

Story: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Junk Modelling

Key learning with junk modelling –

  • Developing small motor skills using scissors, tape and string.
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning – Being involved and concentrating, keeping on trying, problem solving, finding different ways to do things.
  • Creativity – having own ideas and using materials.
  • Maths – looking closely and shape and size, noticing similarities and differences.

You will need –

  • Recycled materials – Anything from your green and black boxes and blue bags – go outside and get it now before the bin people come!
  • Scissors, masking tape or sellotape (although masking much better for children to use themselves), optional string, glue.

Let your child explore the materials and take their lead copying what they do and commenting. Try not to have an end product in mind, even if your child wants to make a car it may look completely different or they may change their mind as they go along. Above all try not to take over!

Shape and pattern

You can use any left-over material from the junk modelling above. This activity uses flat 2D shapes to create pictures and patterns.

Key learning –

  • Maths – naming shapes, seeing similarities and differences, exploring symmetry and pattern.
  • Creativity – making pictures

You will need –

  • Pre-cut shapes from card or paper – use different colours if available. You could do this as a separate activity together.
  • A flat surface to put shapes on – dining room table.

Mix all the shapes together and share between you. Make your own patterns and pictures. Comment on what you are both doing eg. ’I’m going to use 2 red diamonds to make my tigers eyes’. Talk about how the shapes look eg. ‘A square has 4 sides that are all the same. A rectangle also has 4 sides but 2 of them are longer. Can you see?’.

I Spy

Key learning –

  • Attention and listening skills
  • Understanding descriptions and sounds
  • Beginnings of literacy if your child understands and is ready – using initial sounds in words.

This is a great game to play if outside – on the way to the park or shops. Start with simple descriptions eg ‘I spy with my little eye, something that is green and grows in the ground’ (grass). Use your imagination. You can get more complex eg. ‘I spy with my little eye, something you love to eat and is round and crunchy’ (Brussel sprout!).

If you think your child is ready you can extend using initial word sounds.  Start by playing a game using initial sounds eg. ‘I am mmmmm mm mum. You are d d dave’ IMPORTANT – USE THE LETTER SOUNDS, NOT THE LETTER NAMES. Get your child to join in and choose some of their own eg. ‘That’s a c c c  cat’. If your child is hearing and using these sounds you can then play I Spy.

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