You may have noticed a change in our displays in the entrance hall and outside Acorns, introducing Five to Thive.

Respond · Engage · Relax · Play · Talk

These are our ‘building blocks for a healthy brain’. They are drawn from research into the key processes of attachment and attunement that forge bonds between young children and their carers. 

The Five to Thrive activities describe the way in which human connectedness all through our lives keeps our brains working well. Young humans need connected relationships to build healthy brains, and all humans need connected relationships to maintain healthy brains. 

The information on display will show everyday routines that provide an opportunity to carry out each of these blocks building your child’s brain without you even knowing it!

A parent’s guide to Five to Thrive with more information can be found here. Further supplements are available for parents of children with disabilities and parents of toddlers.