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“This is an aspirational place built on love, courage and respect. Together we are the heart of the community.”

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  • Places for 3 & 4 year-olds
  • Limited places for 2 year-olds
  • Open term time only, from 8:45am-5:00pm
  • Morning, Afternoon or 2-day options as well as limited 30 hours places per week
  • Additional paid childcare if required
  • Outstanding teaching and learning from qualified teachers and highly experienced staff

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    Maintained Nursery Schools

    Filton Avenue Nursery School is one of 12 Maintained Nursery schools in Bristol and one of 381 in England.

    Maintained nursery schools are long established and have a statutory duty to provide teachers in all nursery classes as well as a Special Educational Needs teacher and Disability co-ordinator and Headteacher. We lead the early years sector through continued professional development and in joint professional development through projects and/or research.

    The nursery schools provide a wealth of provocation, interest and resources across the entire sector. We have a commitment to share best practice and drive the narrative of early years education locally, nationally and internationally. We are building a diverse team of staff who have a wide range of experience, expertise and qualifications, and who are passionate about working to improve the lives of children and families.

    “This is a lovely place for children to start their school experience.”


    January 2020