As we enter unknown times we here at FANSCC wanted to offer a few thoughts and the lovely story a local childminder has written to explain some of the things that are happening at the moment.

For those at home with children, when you talk to your children about what is happening, keep it simple.  Perhaps ”Nursery is closed for a while, so we’re going to spend some time at home.”

Follow your child’s lead as to whether to follow on with more information.  Answer questions simply and honestly but with the reassurance that it will be fine again one day.

Routine can be your child’s security blanket. Getting up, dressed, exercising, lunch (outside in lovely weather), simple activities, reading books, singing (we will post our songbook shortly) and cuddles.

Below is a lovely story, written by a local childminder, for you to share with your child.

Sending lots of love from FANSCC to you all and we will be in touch again.