Dear Parents/Carers

Happy New Year to you all. 

Just a quick update to inform you we have had no reported cases of COVID-19 from anyone in our immediate school community over the holidays.

As you are aware from the news there is growing concern at the spread of the new strain of the virus and we are keeping a close eye on local cases and figures which will inform our future decisions. As you know, at the moment, Bristol has not been requested to keep nurseries and schools closed for the start of the term.

Thus, Filton Avenue Nursery School will re-open today as planned. It is not statutory that children attend nursery school so if you do intend to keep your children away from school please can you ring us to let us know this. 

I want to reassure you that we will continue to address the safety of your children and our staff with the utmost diligence.

Thank you for your continued support and apologies for the late notification. I will endeavour to keep you updated with any further changes as soon as possible.

Sarah Woodfield