Welcome to Term 1, all new and existing parents/carers! 

We are very excited to begin the new school year with you and want you to feel welcome and informed as you start your journey with us. How lucky we are to have such sunny weather to return to school! Our school dates are here.

Our staff are busy home visiting new children throughout September, so Mondays in September look a bit different until we have all our new children in. If you are in any doubt when your child is starting with us or have a query about a home visit or place, please ring the school office to clarify.

We still have morning-only places and afternoon-only places (15 hrs funded) in the nursery, so if you know anyone with a 3-4 yr old who wants a 15hr x 5 sessions a week place, do ask them to contact us ASAP.

We are running our after-school club until 5:00pm. We will consider a Breakfast Club if there is an economic demand for it.

A few reminders at the start of the term:

  • Please do not park in the school car park – this is only for staff. Please park respectfully on nearby roads.
  • Can we request early afternoon pick-ups take place between 3:00pm and 3:15pm?  This helps to maintain the children’s learning at circle time and also the time management of the office staff at busy times of the day.  Obviously, for emergency pick-ups come to the office anytime.
  • Please remember sun cream, changes of clothes for your child, fruit to share, wellies (for when it does rain), and PLEASE NAME EVERY PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT YOUR CHILD IS LIKELY TO REMOVE! This includes wellies, coats, cardigans, jumpers, hats, gloves, etc. 
  • Lunch boxes – please name them and aim for healthy lunches. We have leaflets available to help you provide healthy options and a range of ideas. Ask your key person. The children have access to milk and water, so no juice, please.

We look forward to meeting you all over the next few weeks.  Our first formal parents evening is Wednesday 15th November, but do speak to your key person or a senior leadership team member (on the gate every day) if you have any concerns or suggestions. 

Welcome to FANS!

Sarah and the FANS team