Celebrating what makes our community great!

Horfield and Lockleaze are bursting with people who make it a great place to live, whether it is friendly shop staff, the teachers who inspire, the neighbours who take our parcels, cut our grass and cheer us up, the group leaders for scouts, sports and sewing groups, and so many more people who freely give their time and energy to make Horfield and Lockleaze a better place to live.

The Horfield and Lockleaze Community Awards would love to celebrate and share some of the stories from our community, and they would love for you to nominate the people you are thankful for and share with everyone how great they are.

Horfield and Lockleaze Community Awards 2024

Local residents can nominate organisations, groups and individuals for awards in the different categories, which you can find on their website at www.lockleazeandhorfield.co.uk.