The Government have announced that there will be a period between the 23rd and 27th of December in which 3 households can meet up. The guidance on what this means can be found here.

We know is that the easiest way for COVID to spread is when people meet up indoors and encourage you to consider the risk, particularly to older or vulnerable members of your family at this time. Increasing ventilation, keeping physical distance, hand hygiene, keeping to your 3 household bubble and importantly if you are unwell not meeting with others may help reduce this risk.   

Unfortunately due to the relaxation of restrictions we expect to see an increase in COVID infections in Bristol after Christmas and together we want to look at how to safely return to school in January.

To keep your child and other children safe it is important that children do not come to school at the beginning of term if they:

  • Have any symptoms of COVID – new cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell (until 10 days after symptoms have started)
  • Live with someone who has COVID symptoms ( until 10 days self-isolation has been completed)
  • Have been told to self-isolate by National Test and Trace (until the date they say self-isolation ends and they can return)

We have provided an information table for you to help you see when your child can return to school and whether you need to inform school if your child has COVID. Please download our handy guide below.